Modog Textile Bag

This Modog re-usable textile bag made of cotton will be with you every trip to the store, every picnic and every nice short hikes you take.

For every re-usable textile bag Modog sells, Modog pics up the equivalent bag size in plastic. Thats right - its easy 1 bag sold = 1 bag worth of plastic picked up!

Get your Modog bag now, free shipping within Europe, delivery 1-2 weeks!

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One bag sold equals one bag plastic

When you buy a Modog Textile Bag, we pick up a bag of plastic from the streets and woods, to complete the circle. Help us get going, for every post with a modog textile bag containing the ''#Modogplastic'' and @Modoglimited - we pick up an extra bag with plastic. Together we clean!

Free Worldwide Shipping  ●  Free 30 days return  ●  1-2 weeks delivery

We want to collect 1 TON plastic before moving forward!

Get your hands dirty and join us!

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