Modog Bucket hat

This is a favorite amongst the Modog community. And can you doubt it?

The Modog bucket hat is just amazingly simple and stylish, goes with practically anything!

Get it before we run out - we only have 4 left in stock!

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One size

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  • 100% cotton
  • One Size
  • Classic crown
  • Wide brim
  • Color - black

Support the Modog community

This bucket hat are discrete and different at the same time and would be a great addition to anyones headwear wardrobe, and there's more behind it!

This is a GREAT alternative of contributing to Modog's cause. The profits from this collection will help us fund clean-up days, different kind of events, new collections, and of course, ways to improve and optimize everything we do on our journey towards our environmental goals.

We want to collect 1 TON plastic before moving forward!

Get your hands dirty and join us!

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