Do good, Look Good.
changing the fashion industry, one step at the time

The fashion industry do not need another fashion company


The entire foundation of Modog is - take action!

Modog wants to change the fashion industry and how we consume products, one step at the time, together with our customers.

Our manufacturer

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Everything from the same area = Lower carbon footprint

Since its foundation, Lopes & Carvalho, source all the fabrics, trims and embellishments on a radius of 25 to 30 km, imprinting a very low carbon footprint on their production process which is something we and Lopes & Carvalho are fully aware of it´s importance to the Planet and also to our community. Modog values this extremely high and its something thats not getting highlighted enough in the fashion industry, actual locally produced materials and textiles.

Lopes & Carvalho are Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified for Class 1 products and ISO9001:2015 certified for Quality Management of their production process.

Our textile

Made from 60% organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester.

Using organic cotton saves resources on our planet and ourselves, actually it emits 46% less CO2, uses 0% pesticide and up to 91% less water in the process.

We are always working towards being more sustainable, we know that taking from our earth never is good!

One tee = 1 kg plastic


For every tee we sell, we pick up 0,5 kg plastic from our cities, before it hits the ocean. Our first goal is getting up to 300 kg plastic and continue forward with our community. Help us get closer to the goal by buying our tees below and sign up to our newsletter to get your hands dirty and join our community!

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