Modog posters

Who does not love a good poster on their wall? We know that we love it!

Maybe you only want the poster - but you can MATCH IT with you limited edition tee as well. Wear it, hang it, live it!

Each poster is originally designed by hand, on paper by Maria Modig. Using Acrylic pencils and ink, usually while drinking wine and looking at shameful Youtube videos.





Want your personality on your jacket? Need to pride your walls with something close to heart? Or do you have an idea for a tattoo but don't know what do do with it? Get you Custom order TODAY.

Custom designs

You hear about it everywhere, you want it, you need it - but it's so expensive. Modog always tries to give a reasonable price to each custom designs. simply put - custom designs to affordable prices.

Contact Maria at to order your custom design. Whatever it might be - walls, paintings, jackets, tattoos, you name it! If you can paint on it - you can order it!

Modog Limited editions

1 kg plastic collected for each sold t-shirt!

A maximum of 300 tees are created with each print design - that's right. Recycled organic slow fashion - thats what we are ALL about!

The Tees are hand marked by number and is delivered in a unique LP box.


Limited editions

Yeah baby, this is where it's at ;)

Generic clothing

These are Modog's non-limited clothing. It will always be there for you <3

Generic clothing

1 kg plastic collected per tee we sell!

The tees that will never leave you. Modog Generic clothing. The tees are made with 40% recycled plastic (polyester) and 60% organic cotton - just like our limited editions.


Modog re-usable textile bag

One bag sold, means that Modog will go out and fill up one of theirs.

Let's get rid of the plastic waste in our cities together!


Modog Textile bag

Let's get rid of the plastic waste

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Get your hands dirty and join our community!
Let's collect the plastic before it hits the ocean

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