Who is Modog?
And why are we doing this?

Modog - is Jack and Maria

@Modoglimited - Instagram

We are just people who got tired of complaining and decided to lift our butts and actually do something.


“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.” - Horace Mann  

That quote right there ^ Thats the quote that kept on banging in our heads

Thats the quote that wouldn't let us sleep at night. So we got to thinking... WHAT can we do? We are ants in this big universe, and truth be told we still feel like ants. But we are ants that's trying. There are so many things we want to make better....

...And so many questions close to our hearts..

'' Why is it taboo to talk about depression? '' '' Why is suicide so normal, and why are we not doing anything about it? '' '' Why is bars outside factory windows considered the best solution to stop workers from killing themselves?'' '' Why are we so fixated on consumption?'' '' Why do people pretend to care about sustainability, but in the end they let the wallet decide?''

We really want to be involved everywhere...

Thats the problem, there are SO MANY THINGS that's just INSANE! And we really want to be involved everywhere... but, you can't, can you? You have to start somewhere and work towards a goal. Our goal is some form of utopia, we don't think we will ever get there... But if you aim for the stars you end up in the tree-tops, and if we manege to inspire just ONE person to start thinking differently, and live more sustainable - we have made SOMETHING right. And we take that as a victory.

But why are we selling clothes if we don't like consumption?

Let us tell you!

We looked at ourselves, we knew that we wanted to make a change in the world. Thats all we knew - WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING! But how?! Who are we? A musician and an artist, both working with digital advertising as a day-job. WHAT can we do. We needed something that could fund our mission, our journey. We needed a platform where we could speak. We needed something that could support us paying the bills while spreading the message of change

We didn't start modog to make millions...

o, we started Modog cause thats what we felt that we could do. We are artists, we design, we create. So we thought, t-shirts with OUR design, t-shirts will be OUR flag. The symbol of what MODOG stands for. MODOG stands for someone who´s tired of waiting for someone else to stand up. Someone who´s had enough. Someone who want´s to be a part of a better future for society and earth. Someone who´s not afraid to get their hands dirty, voice heard and get to work! MODOG IS A COMMUNITY, A PROMISE AND A LIFE MISSION. Thats why we sell t-shirts. Cause thats was what we could create.

We are currently on step ONE:
we are focusing on plastic in our nature, and ethical manufacturing. We want to collect 1 TON of plastic before we go further!


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