Its time to do something about it.

And thats what we are doing!

Please join us on our journey to get rid of waste. Every piece of clothing in this collection is 100% recycled, and every piece of clothing in this collection is totally gorgeous


Modog Tshirt Modog - Do it with Grace - 100% recycled t-shirt
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Because enough is enough! Right now we need 1,7 earths to sustain what we are doing to our planet. Lets leave it in a better condition than what we found it in when we where born



A little goes a long way. Every t-shirt is made from post-consumer plastic and recycled organic cotton from clothes that never saw daylight. They are broken down and mixed together to create new thread for these clothes and bring them back to life.


Right now! Every piece of clothing we sell contributes to us not only making more MEGA recycled clothes, but aslo picking up plastic waste from our streets and woods. One 100% recycled clothing piece equals us picking up 1 kg clothing!

We want to collect 1 TON plastic before moving forward!

Get your hands dirty and join us!

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