Reindeer Mandala

Modog is aiming towards a more sustainable way to make clothes. Challenging the norm of Fast Fashion and looking behind the curtain of the industry.

Modog's t-shirts are made with care, thought and precision, with one simple goal: A good looking, unique, comfortable tee that will last.

It's recycled, it's organic and it's limited - read more about it below.
When you buy a Modog Reindeer Mandala tee - we pick up 1 kg plastic, so put us to work!


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  • 40% recycled plastic / 60% organic cotton
  • Nice feel and thickness on 160g/sqm breathable fabric
  • Durable textile and print quality for longterm use
  • Runs a bit small in size, if in doubt order one size up


Free shipping & easy returns

Ethical manufacturing & sustainable material

1 piece of clothing = 1 kg plastic collected

Free shipping & easy returns

Ethical manufacturing & sustainable material

1 piece of clothing = 1 kg plastic collected

Help us collect 1 TON plastic

Modogs first goal is to collect 1 TON plastic. For each tee that we sell, we pick up 1 kg of plastic.

We are mainly focusing on plastic in the cities, grabbing it before it hits the ocean! To support us even more, we encourage you to join our community by signing up to our newsletter! We host clean-up events, parties and meet-ups to get our hands dirty together, have fun and learn on the way.

Organic cotton

Cotton makes the fabric breathable, but it's not optimal for our planet. By ruling out non-organic cotton (genetically modified cotton seeds) and using its organic equivalent instead, Modog reduces the required water supply per t-shirt by 50%.

Besides, buying one Tee made from organic cotton saves up to 7m² of soil from chemical pollutants.

Limited and hand-designed

Modog produces a maximum of 300 t-shirts for each design, where the prints are handmade by Maria Modig, co-founder of Modog.

By working with limited editions, we avoid larger stocks and can minimise the environmental impact of clothes that's never sold. Modog still has a long way to go towards our goal of leaving a better world behind us - but the journey has just begun!

To give a little more Modog donates 5% of their net profits The Ocean Cleanup to complete the plastic recycling circle.

We want to collect 1 TON plastic before moving forward!

Get your hands dirty and join us!

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