Working hard or hardly working



As you hopefully already know Modog is working a lot with custom projects. The latest project is to fill a so called ''creative space'' in a Co-working hub called CreativeHub Sthlm, based in Södermalm Stockholm. 

The project is running for 4 weeks and we are half way through. 


         Custom graffiti wall


Its been and it is a real challenge ill tell you that! 

The area contains 4 walls and floors that will be all covered with amazing colours and paint when finished.


                       Working progress graffiti wall art


I have been thinking about posting our creative processes. How we prepare for one, the research, the why and how and most importantly, how the projects change and develop themselves as you go along with it! 

This blog post is the first, in preparation for upcoming ones where you get to have a behind the scenes look on how we work! 

If you yourself want to order a custom piece from Modog, feel free to contact Maria Modig at