Lopes Carvalho our amazing manufacturer - Environment, creativity and care

Hello everyone! 

We wanted to take the opportunity to talk about our amazing manufacturer, Lopes Carvalho. 

To Quote them:

''We are very careful choosing our business partners regarding the compliance with the REACH regulation for chemicals. We believe in an industry that besides profit, also values the environment, the people who they work with and creativity. ''




When we where choosing our manufacturer we sat down and decided on the following: 

1. It HAS to be environmental friendly 

2. Working environment and work hours HAS to fair

3. Recycled materials (Why take more from the earth when you don't have to) 

4. Close (China was OUT of the question from breath one. We want it to be fairly close to us for several reasons - one being emissions when delivering our orders, but we also want to have a close relationship. We want to be able to meet them) 

5. creative, fun and genuine 

Without knowing anything about anything, we started reading up on certificates, and let us tell you - you can get lost in the sea of fancy words, long and complicated descriptions and for some reason, basically nowhere did anyone make a ''plain english'' easy requirement list. But we got there in the end!  

Like Santa, we created a list of everyone who met the requirements online and reached out. Lopes Carvalho immediately met our hearts! 

We have just started our partnership and we are just so happy to be working with them. We can be assured that they take care of their products, care for the environment and at the same time being certified under OEKO-TEX® standard 100 label. That basically ensures  the customers that our products have been tested for harmful substances. 


Thank you Lopes Carvalho for being our partner!